While our website is down, some of our online databases are unavailable, but you can still use your library account to access the following online:


  • Hundreds of Texas legal practice guides as e-books

  • Lexis Advance

  • Westlaw Edge

The following are currently not availableAILALink, Fastcase, HeinOnline.

You don't need a library account to access our legal guides by topic, frequently asked legal questions, or our library catalog.

If you have a question about your account, you can Ask a Librarian via e-mail, chat, or telephone.

Library E-Books

Some of the titles available as e-books:

  • Dorsaneo's Texas Discovery

  • Dorsaneo's Texas Pretrial Procedure

  • The Lawyer's Guide to the Texas Deceptive Trade Practices Act

  • Summary Judgments in Texas

  • Texas Annotated Court Rules

  • Texas Annotated Family Code

  • Texas Business Organizations Manual

  • Texas Civil Trial Guide

  • Texas Criminal Practice Guide

  • Texas Estate Planning

  • Texas Family Law: Practice and Procedure

  • Texas Family Law Practice Manual

  • Texas Guardianship Manual

  • Texas Pattern Jury Charges

  • Texas Personal Injury Handbook

  • Texas Probate, Estate, and Trust Administration

  • Texas Probate System

  • Texas Real Estate Forms Manual

  • Texas Real Estate Guide

  • Texas Torts and Remedies

  • Texas Wills, Trusts, and Estate Planning

  • Texas Litigation Guide (government employees only)

  • Texas Transaction Guide (government employees only)

and many, many more!

Westlaw Edge

Our account representatives have allowed library patrons to create their own free, temporary accounts to encourage social distancing. Use the link above to create your account. Important: select Government - State & Local as your Organization Type. Access is limited to 20 hours over 45 days. Create an account before June 30, 2020.


Once you have your account, log in to Westlaw Edge.

Lexis Advance

Update: Access to Lexis Advance from home has been extended through June. Please see the statement below from our LexisNexis account representative:

LexisNexis continues to partner with the State Law Library and the wider legal community during the COVID-19 pandemic and are continuing to provide access to library patrons remotely during this crisis. If you cannot otherwise conduct legal research you are welcome to register for a temporary Lexis Advance® ID at https://www.lexisnexis.com/en-us/pa-access.page. This ID will be good until June 30th, 2020, or for 30 days (whichever is shorter). This ID allows you to conduct research on the cases, codes, and secondary resources needed for your legal work and personal legal research.

Once you have your account, log in to Lexis Advance.